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@Thu Aug 16 23:00:02 2018
A Paper Posted Last Month Claims To Have Achieved Superconductivity at Room Temperature, But Other Physicists Say the Data May Be Incorrect
Return of the Bubble Car?
ARM Makes Its CPU Roadmap Public, Challenges Intel in PCs With Deimos and Hercules Chips
The World Economic Forum Warns That AI May Destabilize the Financial System
36 of 50 States Have Installed Sensors at 'Elections Infrastructure Level' To Monitor Computer Systems Managing Voter Data or Devices
Debian Linux Turns 25
NYU Offers Full-Tuition Scholarships for All Medical Students
Melbourne Teen Hacked Into Apple's Secure Computer Network, Court Told
To Catch A Robber, The FBI Attempted An Unprecedented Grab For Google Location Data
China's 'First Fully Homegrown' Web Browser, Used By Key Government Bodies, Under Fire For 'Heavily' Copying Google Chrome Files
Trump, Seeking To Relax Rules on US Cyberattacks, Reverses Obama Directive
Google Releases a Searchable Database of US Political Ads
Did Apple Secretly Crush An App Store Competitor In Japan?
Child Drownings In Germany Linked To Parents' Obsession With Mobile Phones
Climate Change Has Doubled the Frequency of Ocean Heatwaves
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