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@Wed Jan 29 18:30:02 2020
Apple Just Had Its Best Quarter in India, the World's Second Largest Smartphone Market
Horror Stories From Inside Amazon's Mechanical Turk
Google Has Paid Security Researchers Over $21 Million for Bug Bounties, $6.5 Million in 2019 Alone
Mozilla Moves To Monetize Thunderbird, Transfers Project To New Subsidiary
Germany Has Proof That Huawei Worked With Chinese Intelligence: Handelsblatt
US Files Lawsuits Over Robocall Scams, Cites 'Massive Financial Losses'
Underwater Robot Reveals Hidden Base of Antarctica's 'Doomsday' Glacier
2 Satellites Will Narrowly Avoid Colliding Over Pittsburgh On Wednesday
7 Years Later, Emergency Alert Systems Still Unpatched, Vulnerable
Current Model For Storing Nuclear Waste May Not Be Sufficiently Safe, Study Says
White House Tells Airlines It May Suspend All China-US Flights Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
Clearview AI Is Struggling To Address Complaints As Its Legal Issues Mount
US Colleges Are Trying To Install Location Tracking Apps On Students' Phones
Apple Posts Record Revenue As iPhone Sales Smash Expectations
Google To Translate and Transcribe Conversations In Real Time
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