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@Wed Dec 12 01:30:03 2018
Canada Grants Bail For Arrested Huawei CFO Who Faces US Extradition
Border Agents Fail To Delete Personal Data of Travelers After Electronic Searches, Watchdog Says
Verizon Admits Defeat With $4.6 Billion AOL-Yahoo Writedown
Comcast Rejected by Small Town -- Residents Vote For Municipal Fiber Instead
Facebook is Starting To Test Search Ads in its Search Results and Marketplace
Google CEO Admits Company Must Better Address the Spread of Conspiracy Theories on YouTube
What Student Developers Want in a Job
New Firefox Suggests Ways To Get More Out of the Web
Android Trojan Steals Money From PayPal Accounts Even With 2FA On
Evelyn Berezin, Who Built the First True Word Processor, Has Died at 93
Why I'm Usually Unnerved When Modern SSDs Die on Us
Doom Turns 25: The FPS That Wowed Players, Gummed Up Servers, and Enraged Admins
What it's Like To Work in the Biggest Building in the World
Super Micro Says Review Found No Malicious Chips in Motherboards
China To Force Changes To 20 Popular Games, Ban 9 Including Fortnite and PUBG
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