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@Sun Mar 26 05:00:02 2017
SAS Mocked For Recommending 60% Proprietary Software, 40% Open Source
Comcast Launches New 24/7 Workplace Surveillance Service
Ubuntu Linux 17.04 'Zesty Zapus' Final Beta Now Available For Download
Apache Hadoop Has Failed Us, Tech Experts Say
'Why The US Senate's Vote To Throw Out ISP Privacy Laws Isn't All Bad'
Uber Halts Self-Driving Car Tests in Arizona After Friday Night Collision
Anti-Virus Vendors Scramble To Patch Hijacking Exploit Involving Microsoft Tool
After Healthcare Defeat, Can The Trump Administration Fix America's H-1B Visa Program?
Researchers Teach Self-Driving Cars To 'See' Better At Night
Stack Overflow Reveals Results From 'Largest Developer Survey Ever Conducted'
Steve Wozniak Invests In Robot-Powered Paper-Digitizing Startup
Indiana's Inmates Could Soon Have Access To Tablets
Scientists Name 11 New Cloud Types
Supermassive Black Hole Rocketing Out of Distant Galaxy At 5 Million MPH
Why You Should Care About the Supreme Court Case On Toner Cartridges
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